Bruce G. Newman

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Bruce G Newman
(1950 York, Pa)

Newman, who began artistic studies and painting in 1958, when his late great grand aunt Petsy (Annette Lesser of NYC) came, on her quadri-annual visits to York. Petsy had made her living painting metal trays and shower curtains for B Altman in NYC during the Great depression.

 While at college when challenged with a "oh you want to be a starving artist" Newman's reply was "I don't do starving well." and went into a life of commerce. His business career included various artistic endeavors including:
• Creative director and Vice President for Visual Merchandising, for a women’s specialty retail apparel chain.
• Designer, women’s apparel, leather coats, sportswear and apparel
• Furrier
• Corsetiere

In 1985, Newman changed media and began working in land as a developer of shopping centers and other projects,  and retiring from the prospering real estate business to pursue painting  full time in 2001.

Newman currently serves as a mentor to many new, young and aspiring artists in the Atlanta community.

Two and three dimension artist working primarly in Oil on canvas.

The artist's Studio is located:
4003 Tilly Mill Road
Doraville, Ga. 30350 USA
tel 678.860.3434